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Medusa® is best known for having hair made of snakes and for her ability to turn anyone she looked at to stone, literally to petrify. The ancient Greeks and Romans engraved the face of medusa on their shields to protect themselves from any hazard and to help them to master any adversity following Athenea’s example.


DAPHNE® maintains the relational integrity between anonymized columns, across the whole data model. The user will be able to generate and test a set of data with the absolute confidence that the data model remains intact. In DAPHNE® , any action leaves its trace.


Our consulting services focus on our clients most critical issues and opportunities: IT, Data Analytics, Legal Reporting and Accounting. We bring both deep functional and technical expertise that prove the synergies between IT and business exists and show how they can be managed to create value.


Financial Services
- Core Banking System -

Financial Integration across the informational and operational landscape of a new core Banking System in client's PaaS. Accounting definition, technical rollout and migration strategy.

Security Services Industry
- ERP Integration -

Implementation of ORACLE ERP across different branches and geographies of the client: Defining the data integration points, implementation of migration strategy and financial integration.

Energy Industry
- Managed Services -

As part of our core services, BIT Technologies manages the Database Services of a German Energy company in the client own PaaS. These services include, incident management, patching and versioning.