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When Büttner punished his students to sum up all the numbers between one and one-hundred little did he know that there was a young boy in his class, that would give the answer within seconds: Carl Friedrich Gauss took the complex and made it simple. At BIT Technologies, we live this culture creating solutions that impact far beyond IT and benefit our clients, our people and our environment.

At BIT Technologies, we genuinely believe that a problem cannot be solved, by analyzing each part on its own but rather by understanding their interconnection their contribution to the whole, as Gauss did with his task. Because, the simpler the better.

our values

At BIT Technologies we feel inspired by the classical Greek and Roman culture. Both, were flourishing cultures and no one could imagine what the world would be, without all technological and cultural contributions that these two culture have made.

our vision

The purpose of BIT Technologies is simple but clear: generate simplicity out of complexity. Our purpose together with our core values and our expertise will empower us to realize our vision and grow our business while making a positive impact on our environment.

our impact

At BIT Technologies we are a team and understand the importance of helping each other. We do believe that social impact should align with economic but also with environmental impact. We want to transmit the idea that making great products should be in line with retribution and sustainability.



Medusa® is best known for having hair made of snakes and for her ability to turn anyone she looked at to stone, literally to petrify. The ancient Greeks and Romans engraved the face of medusa on their shields to protect themselves from any hazard and to help them to master any adversity following Athenea’s example.


DAPHNE® maintains the relational integrity between anonymized columns, across the whole data model. The user will be able to generate and test a set of data with the absolute confidence that the data model remains intact. In DAPHNE® , any action leaves its trace.


Our consulting services focus on our clients most critical issues and opportunities: IT, Data Analytics, Legal Reporting and Accounting. We bring both deep functional and technical expertise that prove the synergies between IT and business exists and show how they can be managed to create value.


Santander Consumer Bank uses Daphne for massive data creation

Santander Consumer Bank gets Daphne Local Solution for creating dynamically massive sets of transactional and accounting data, free of sensible data and compliant with the highest GDPR standards.

A team of developers manages to use Daphne shortly after training

A team of 10 deverlopers is able to use Daphne Local Solution with no technical support after a training of 5 hours. Our goal is that all our systems are user-friendly and the teams need no support after short trainings.

Daphne goes to the Cloud!

All versions of Daphne have been proving its capacities in Cloud environments. Continue reading for more details!”

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