About Us


At BIT Technologies, we genuinely believe that a problem cannot be solved, by analyzing each part on its own but rather by understanding their interconnection and their contribution to the whole, as Gauss did with his task. 

Because, the simpler the better.

Our Values

At BIT Technologies we feel inspired by the classical Greek and Roman culture. Both, were flourishing cultures and no one could imagine what the world would be, without all technological and cultural contributions that these two culture have made.

​At BIT Technologies we believe that our core values should reflect the way we interact with our clients, ourselves and the environment

  • Fairness: We are convinced, that impartiality is the key to succes

  • Better products: We believe that an enterprise generates value through products, not just throught processes

  • Environment: If we care about our own living space called home, we should definitely care about everyones called planet

  • Focus: We truly believe in quality over quantity, and focus on one task instead of having lot uncompleted ones

  • Simplicity: Life is complicated, Problems are complicated, our products are not



The purpose of BIT Technologies is simple but clear: generate simplicity out of complexity. Our purpose together with our core values and our expertise will empower us to realize our vision and grow our business while making a positive impact on our environment and helping and generating added value to our clients.



At BIT Technologies we are a team and understand the importance of helping each other. We do believe that social impact should align with economic impact but also with environmental impact. We want to transmit the idea that making great products should be in line with retribution regardless of position. We need to own the technology and control every aspect of our products.