Consulting Services

Sometimes, to foresee a risk or to avoid an issue you requires experience. Our job is to lead our clients to achieve their goals, and to help them make the correct decision to help their business move forward.

Advanced Analytics

We truly understand that data is the new oil in the digital transformation period, yet few companies have dared to take the step in this direction. We help our clients to align, technology, infrastructure and expertise to turn data into gold.


  • SAS Base®, SAS EG®, SAS EM®
  • Oracle® Cloud Analytics
  • R Studio
  • Tableau®

Areas of expertise

  • Credit scoring and Credit Risk measurement
  • Dashboard and real time KPI generation
  • Data mining and data exploitation
  • Text mining and machine learning


Big Data, DevOps, Cloud, APIs … technology should be an enabler, not a stopper. In a world in constant change, our highly skilled experts will help you to achieve your goals, finding the right balance between legacy systems and new and emerging technologies.


  • Oracle Database
  • SAS
  • Oracle Apex
  • Cloudera and Hortonworks
  • GIT and Jenkins
  • Dockers

Areas of expertise

  • Data Warehousing
  • ETL Design and construction
  • Oracle Expert Consulting
  • DevOps Engineering
  • Cloud ( Azure , AWS )
  • Big Data

Accounting, Financial Controlling, Risk Methodology and Legal Reporting

Our accountants and our Legal reporting experts help our clients to comply in a continuously evolving environment.

Areas of expertise

  • Accounting:
    • Accounting flow definition and implementation, including multiGAAP implementations.
    • Accounting and Management Architecture
  • Financial Controlling and Risk Methodology
  • Legal Reporting:
    • Prudential Regulation
    • Local reports


Our holistic approach in problem-solving, joined with our long experience in implementation of software, gives us the competitive advantage that you need. Together with you, we will turn your strategies into results.

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