DAPHNE® Masking Solution

The ultimate solution for generating synthetic data out of your production portfolio

Nowadays, companies need more quantity and complexity of data to evolve and grow in a completely digital world. These requirements are in contrast to the need of protecting sensitive information that could allow to identify individuals. Daphne® masking solution allows data to be exploited with the guarantee of protecting all sensitive information.

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Our Value Proposition

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DAPHNE® , is the solution you need for quick and easy data replication, whether it's for testing, development, or exploitation. Our advanced-masking-rule module produces human-readable names or valid credit card numbers among many others.

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DAPHNE® stands for compliance with new data protection regulations. Daphne means the reassurance that the data circulating and worked throughout your organization is anonymous and untraceable.

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DAPHNE® maintains the relational integrity between anonymized columns, across the whole data model and across different technologies. The user will be able to generate and use a set of data with the absolute confidence that the data model remains intact.

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In DAPHNE® , any action leaves its trace. The DAPHNE® administrator will be able to know at all times when, who and how each application has been used. Keep control over your data at any time.

DAPHNE® Connectivity

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Main Usecases

Production-quality test data in continuous supply

Daphne is designed for Agile and DevOps development, generating a continuous flow of synthetic and GDPR compliant data based on real data.

Data generation for on premise to cloud migration

When it comes to Cloud migration, one of the challenges is to generate multiple scenarios sometimes even with deep changes in the target datamodel. Use Daphne for generating meaningfull data and not only random alphanumeric strings.

Data explotation and business analytics

Exploit the richness of your own porfolio with Daphne by feeding diverse analytics tools with cero risk of potential data breaches.

File generation for third parties and auditors

Create files with transactional data for third parties out of your organization, such as providers, auditors or regulators with the certainty of keeping safe all sensible information

On-Prem & Cloud Compatibility

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