The Lernaean Hydra ​was a creature that lived surrounding the entrances of the underworld. She also had regenerative abilities, having one immortal head protected by the other deadly heads, that grew aroud it.

Inspiring us in the deadly qualities of the lernaean hydra that were at the same time for her the most protective, we created a software that automatically detects empty unused files, back-up all the software deployed and maintains automatically your system without you even noticing having, like medusa, all flanks covered.




Our consulting services focus on our clients most critical issues and opportunities: IT, Data Analytics, Legal Reporting and Accounting. We bring both deep functional and technical expertise that prove the synergies between IT and business exists and show how they can be managed to create value.
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Tailor-made, that´s how we design solutions so that you can exploit your business advantages. ​Big or small, your challenges are also ours and our commitment is to fairly contribute to achieve your goals Innovation and creativity driven, if you can dream it, we can create it for you.
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